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What to expect when scheduling your trip

  • Connect with us

    Schedule, confirm or change an appointment by using these easy-to-use options:

  • Share your information

    Help us understand your needs.

    We will ask questions to better understand where you need to go and what your needs are.

    Want to request services in another language? We have customer service reps available to speak to you in the language you are most comfortable.

    Do you have durable medical equipment? Let us know!

  • We'll get to work

    We'll select the most appropriate ride option and schedule your trip.

    We will provide a trip number to you either by email or phone, depending on the way you reached out to us - by portal or phone.

    We'll even help manage your ride in case something happens.

  • You're on your way!

    If you're ready, you can book a ride now.

    If you are new to the process, please call us to get started. 

Have this information ready to schedule your trip

Required Information

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Street address
  • Health care plan and member ID number 
  • Date and time of your appointment.
  • Appointment address and facility name
  • General reason for the appointment
  • Pickup address
  • Level of service (e.g. wheelchair?)
  • Special instructions (e.g. medical equipment?)