MARA, or Modivcare Automated Reservation Assistant, can create new reservations, and check on or cancel existing trips without you having to wait on hold. If you want to speak with a customer service agent, MARA will be happy to direct your call after collecting some basic information.


MARA is continuously learning how to interact with customers. Watch these videos for helpful tips on how to improve your experience.

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Meet Mara


Do's and Dont's with Mara

What MARA can do

MARA can cancel scheduled appointments


You can say: 

  • "I need to cancel an appointment"

  • "I want to cancel a ride" 

  • "I want to cancel a reservation" 



MARA can book new reservations


You can say:

  • "I want to book a reservation"

  • "I need to get a ride - check "schedule ride"

  • "Can I book a reservation?"



MARA can confirm a reservation is set up and give info about the trip



You can say:

  • "Can I confirm my reservation?"

  • "I want to confirm my reservation"

  • "I want to review my reservation"



MARA can confirm a reservation has been cancelled



You can say:

  • "I want to confirm if my reservation was cancelled"

  • "I want to confirm if my ride was cancelled"

  • "Can you tell me if my ride was cancelled?"



If you're calling for one of these reasons, we'll make sure you go directly to an agent


  • "I need an ETA"

  • "I need to activate a will call"

  • "I want to make a complaint"

  • "My driver is late"

Version History

Latest updates (3/12/21)


  • The reservation number will be provided at the time the request is submitted. There will still be a 1 business day processing time before a member can review the trip with MARA.

  • The COVID questions allow for more time for callers to respond, and caller make a selection if the COVID question repeats.

  • Callers can now provide reservation details for mileage reimbursement requests, prior to speaking with live agent to finalize their booking.

  • Trips canceled through the IVA will create a trip note in the canceled trip in the LCAD system, detailing who canceled the trip and their relation to the member.