Member getting in a car

The Modivcare App makes it easy to book a ride for your doctor visit.

Members with the app can book and manage trips from a smartphone.

You can download the Modivcare App from Google Play® or the Apple App Store®.

With the Modivcare App you can: 

- Book a trip

- Book a standard mileage reimbursement trip 

- Submit a mileage reimbursement claim

- Change a scheduled trip 

- Cancel a trip 

- See where your driver is 


The app is available in Spanish. 

The app can connect you to a live agent if you need help. 

Modivcare member app
Member using the Modivcare App

How to download the app to your phone:

  1. Check with your health plan to make sure the Modivcare app will work for you
  2. Make sure you have a smart phone
  3. Find the Modivcare app on Google Play® or the Apple App Store®:

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

  1. Tap install
  2. Click here to view training videos on how to use the app